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WARLOCK The Interactive Comic

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Includes 3D Glasses
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I have been drawing with pens since I can remember and this my first piece demonstrating my interactive style in a 60 page dark fantasy comic using 3D glasses.

By wearing the 3D glasses you can close or cover one eye at a time and see a different image in each eye. The videos show the change from the red eye to the blue eye of the 3D glasses. The two eyes are the eyes of the warlock. One eye would see his reality while his other could see only through the eye of a curse. The curse changed his vision to animated monsters, psychedelic images, strange places and devilish nightmares. How will the warlock find a cure for his eye?

The comic was written to be a dark fantasy tale that you could take your time with and develop the story through using your own actions of blinking and covering your eyes.

Australian shipping time expect ~2 weeks.
Rest of the world about 3-4 weeks.

Spanish Translation by Tomas Castro Sanchez.
Contact: tomascastrosanchez2k@hotmail.com.ar